Axel Angeli

Cybernetician – Evangelizing Digital Transformation​

Logosworld Germany and Luxemburg

Axel Angeli is a worldwide acting board-level change management advisor who travels to teach Evolution by Design and Artificial Intelligence. He's known as a witty and entertaining conference speaker with a reputation as an SAP guru since the early 1990ties, a project rescuer, and a pioneer of Industries 4.0 – the art of using AI to process the big data collected by IoT.

With his writing, speaking, and consulting he helps enterprises and governments to get the best return out of their investment. He develops together with his expert team strategies and projects based on the concept of Cognitive AI for agriculture 4.0, building sustainable cities, airports, and industries. His passion is helping emerging countries in industrializing agriculture through proper education.

Axel has deep relationships across India, the Middle East, and Africa and is the brand ambassador of the Indian Electronic and Software Council (ESC) and technical advisor to the African-Caribbean-Pacific Groups of Nations (ACP).

15.55 – 16.25

Friday 24th November

Decoding ERP Solutions

The Path to Your Business's Ideal Fit with Industry Experts
Discussion on selecting the right ERP solutions for business, followed by a Q&A session.