Markus Hill

Independent Asset Management Consultant

Markus Hill is a prominent figure in the German asset management sector, known for his independent consultancy work since 2005. His professional journey has been marked by roles in marketing and product management at SEB Bank, investment banking, and sales at Credit Suisse Asset Management. He's been notably active in sales, marketing, and public relations, particularly in the field of asset management.

Hill's expertise extends to the management of mandates, sales, marketing, and public relations, with a particular focus on fund boutiques and mutual funds for institutional investors. His involvement with themes in target funds and multi-management aspects highlights his comprehensive understanding of the asset management landscape.

Moreover, Hill is recognized for his work with family offices and his ability to navigate the complexities of capital markets, as evident in his involvement with leading entities like HQ Trust and Flossbach von Storch. His contributions to the field are also educational, as he has engaged with audiences at events such as the Fürstenberg Seminars at the Eberbach monastery, where he provides professional insight into the challenges and opportunities within asset management.

As an influential figure, Hill is described as an "industry multiplier," a testament to his impact and the high regard in which he's held by peers and clients. His contributions to the German asset management industry have been disseminated through numerous articles, columns, and presentations both nationally and internationally, positioning him as a highly recognized expert.