Suvish Viswanathan

Head of European Marketing

Suvish Viswanathan has been working at Zoho since 2010, with a short break from his time at the company between 2015 and 2017 to work as the Head of Marketing

India and ASEAN at ADP. After starting his career in the IT industry as a Software Engineer, he followed his passion for marketing. Working for extraordinary companies over the last several years has given him a great understanding of the

global markets, different cultures and trends within the IT industry. His understanding of the industry from both an engineering and marketing point of view gives

Viswanathan a broad and in-depth understanding of the industry.  


Viswanathan currently fulfills the role of Head of European Marketing at Zoho, where he is responsible for leading Zho’s marketing initiatives in Europe. His knowledge

about the European market is, therefore, far reaching. Viswanathan has experiencedthe company’s growth over the last decade and has played a critical part in the company’s growth in Europe for many years.

15.05 – 15.45

Friday 24th November

Interactive Session - The Road Ahead: Technology Trends Shaping Business in India and Germany

In an era of global technological transformation, India and Germany are leading the charge, embracing
emerging tech, robotics, automation, and sustainability solutions. This session highlights the profound
impact of these trends on business in both nations and the collaborative opportunities they present. As Indian dynamism meets German precision, their convergence promises a more interconnected and
innovative future.