Alexander Müller

SVP Continental Europe, MD Germany at Hexaware

Alexander Müller, serving as the Senior Vice President for Continental Europe and Managing Director for Germany at Hexaware Technologies, brings a visionary perspective to the automation and cloud technology sector. Embracing the mantra "Automate Everything - Cloudify Everything - Transform Customer Experiences," he steers Hexaware towards new strategic directions to create robust, future-ready solutions. His extensive expertise and innovative approach make him a revered speaker, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation.

14.25 - 14:55

Friday 24th November

Case Study by Hexaware

Hexaware, a long-standing successful player in the German market, will be represented by Alexander Müller, a renowned outsourcing expert. He will provide insights into how German-Indian projects can contribute to advancing transformative initiatives. Drawing on Hexaware's extensive experience, Müller will discuss strategies and best practices for leveraging Indo-German collaborations to drive significant transformation in projects.

15.05 – 15.45

Friday 24th November

Interactive Session - The Road Ahead: Technology Trends Shaping Business in India and Germany

In an era of global technological transformation, India and Germany are leading the charge, embracing
emerging tech, robotics, automation, and sustainability solutions. This session highlights the profound
impact of these trends on business in both nations and the collaborative opportunities they present. As Indian dynamism meets German precision, their convergence promises a more interconnected and
innovative future.