Asha-Maria Sharma

Senior Manager Investor Consulting at GTAI

Asha-Maria Sharma, the seasoned Senior Manager of Investor Consulting at Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI), brings a wealth of knowledge in fostering international business relations and navigating the digital economy. With a rich history as the Director at GTAI India, she has been instrumental in bridging German and Indian enterprises, showcasing the power of collaborative innovation. Recognized as a digital expert at GTAI, Asha-Maria's insights into the stability and global positioning of Germany's digital economy are invaluable. Her commitment to leveraging digital technologies for enhanced economic collaborations makes her an enlightening speaker on the global digital landscape and its impact on international business ventures.

15.05 – 15.45

Friday 24th November

Interactive Session - The Road Ahead: Technology Trends Shaping Business in India and Germany

In an era of global technological transformation, India and Germany are leading the charge, embracing
emerging tech, robotics, automation, and sustainability solutions. This session highlights the profound
impact of these trends on business in both nations and the collaborative opportunities they present. As Indian dynamism meets German precision, their convergence promises a more interconnected and
innovative future.