Neena Hartmann

Founder - INDIEN aktuell

Educated in the sciences and business domains of Germany and the UK, Neena Hartmann stands as a strong advocate for India's multifaceted interests within Germany. As the helm of Prexma GmbH and INDIEN Aktuell, she strategically steers collaborative ventures that harmonize Indo-German business landscapes. With Prexma's prowess in Tourism PR and digital strategy innovation, and INDIEN Aktuell's vast resources and connections, Ms. Hartmann effectively unifies the business dynamics of both nations. Additionally, her mentoring efforts for startups, engagement with the Indian community in Germany, and focus on technology transfer and digital innovations underscore her dedication to deepening the Indo-German relationship.

16:25 - 16:55

Friday 24th November

Panel Discussion

Overcoming Cultural and Business Barriers in German Indian Collaboration
Interactive panel discussion on understanding and navigating cultural and business nuances in collaborations.