Prasad Chaudhari

Chief Executive Officer at GloreSoft GmbH

Prasad Chaudhari, the entrepreneurial spirit behind GloreSoft GmbH, exemplifies a blend of technical expertise and leadership acumen as the company's CEO. With roots in India and 23 years of professional journey in Germany, Prasad brings a unique cross-cultural perspective to software development and agile methodologies. This makes him an engaging speaker for those keen on exploring the intercultural aspects while delivering digital innovation projects.

Driven by his own experiences in the year 2016, he established GloreSoft, an IT services company in Munich. Since 2020, GloreSoft has expanded its services to help German companies recruit talented professionals from India. Their streamlined recruitment process expedites the onboarding of Indian professionals to German companies, facilitating their relocation to Germany and assisting with their training and integration into the company and society.

16:25 - 16:55

Friday 24th November

Panel Discussion

Overcoming Cultural and Business Barriers in German Indian Collaboration
Interactive panel discussion on understanding and navigating cultural and business nuances in collaborations.